Christchurch earthquake

This information was originally on our home page but as time passes it no longer needs to be there.

Earthquake in Christchurch on Feb 22nd, 2011

7 weeks on - what now? (added 12th April, 2011)

Life is gradually resuming some normality, although Christchurch will now look different. The CBD is still out of bounds and who knows when that will be back in action. A LOT of work is having to be done on our roads but it appears to be happening quite quickly.

CMSNZ is back running events and we're looking forward to the May Meander. Entries for the 2011 Alpine Classic tour have now opened so the post box is getting full.

We encourage everyone to get out in their classic vehicles and join us on some of our adventures. There's nothing like having a bit of fun to forget the troubles of the world.

If you want some more information on the earthquakes, have a look on Stuff, TVOne or TV3 websites.

Update on events (added 10th March, 2011)

  • The Twin Rivers Classic Car Parade on March 13th has been CANCELLED for this year but will be back next year.
  • The North Canterbury Classic Tour on March 20th is on but with updated details.
  • The Vintage Country Fair weekend is on at McLeans Island, Christchurch, March 26-27.

Earthquake information for CMSNZ members (added 3rd March 2011)

Just a quick update: the devastating earthquake was directly under CMS HQ in the Lyttelton Tunnel Building. Understandably, we're no longer in that building and have relocated, unfortunately not with everything. Everyone in the building got out of the building without a scratch on them, so the building did its job!

We have cancelled the March Meander. This may be run later in the year, or even in March next year.

We will be updating this website with more information as we work out what we want to do.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who lost someone in the earthquake, lost their business and/or lost their home.

Your committee - Graham S, Mel P, Diane B, Graham M, Stephanie R, Ian L, Ellen M, Julian B