AGM 2017: Posting1

Correspondence from The Secretary New Zealand Federation of Motoring Clubs Inc.

March 15 2017

In this posting are:
1. Notice of 22nd AGM with registration for your delegate/observers;
2. Statement of Subscription Renewal and a return slip;
3. Nomination Form for Executive positions for 2017/18;
4. “Invitation for Remits” form;
5. Topic(s) of Concern from your Club to the AGM that you wish to be listed to all Member clubs in the pre-meeting papers [Posting 2].

When renewing your membership using the yellow form, all clubs are asked to note that the method of calculating subscriptions has been revised. For smaller clubs it is now a flat fee of $20 plus 50 cents per current individual member.

Following on our successful campaign to persuade the Government to exempt car clubs from the more onerous reforms of the Health and Safety Act no immediate significant issues have arisen in the past year. But with our submissions on such topics as ACC levies and Land Transport Rule amendments we have made further gains on behalf of heritage vehicles owners. Still pending is the rewrite of the Incorporated Societies Act which may adversely affect many clubs if we are not able to secure the needed revisions of the draft bill. In the year ahead your executive also plans to pursue further reductions in the WOF requirements and compliance costs imposed on heritage vehicles, and the reclassification of vintage vehicles as those 30 years and older to bring New Zealand into line with the rest of the world.

As well as your opportunity to review the executive’s actions on behalf of members during the past year, the AGM is also an opportunity raise issues of concern and to re-elect or replace the volunteer members of the executive team. The FOMC Executive usually meets several times a year, and reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed.

If your clubs has remits to be considered or topics to be discussed please assist us with an early return of the accompanying forms (copies also available on

PLEASE NOTE: The FOMC does not issue invoices. Please remit payment for the appropriate subscription calculated in accordance with the schedule on the yellow renewal form.

Yours sincerely
Roy Hughes
NZFOMC Secretary
Representing the responsible special interest and heritage motoring enthusiast

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