Past Events

Where we've been and what we've done
Classic Marathons

The longest regular event we run (usually 5 days of driving). Every two years on the even year (i.e. 2006). Often with more adventurous motoring but there are always alternative routes to keep life simple if needed.

Alpine Classics

Reports from the Alpine Classics - a winter weekend adventure run every two years (in the odd years i.e. 2007) where we go looking for snow. Its not always successful!

Day Runs 2008

Reports and information from some of our one day classic car events during the year.

Day Runs 2010

Some reports on some of the Classic Motoring Society monthly outings during 2010

Day Runs 2007

Some reports from our classic motoring one day runs during the year

Peking to Paris 2007

A small group of enthusiasts headed off in June 2007 to follow in the footsteps of the original teams that raced from Peking to Paris in 1907. We've got reports, photos and thoughts from the expedition.