Dates for Alpine 2011, Marathon 2012 & Odyssey 2012

Put these Classic Motoring Society tour dates in your calendar now so you can join us!

We're trying to be more organised and as a result, we've set the dates for our longer tours over the next two years!

Colour logo Alpine Classic 2011 #2 Alpine Classic 2011 — Friday, 19th - Sunday, 21st August. Download the entry form (pdf file) or find out more.

Please note that the incorrect date for the Alpine Classic was originally published here. It is definitely August, not April!!

Classic Marathon 2012 — Saturday, 18th - Saturday, 25th February

Odyssey 2012 — Wednesday, 26th September - Sunday, 7th October

Obviously, at the moment we don't have full information on the tours yet but we will update the event information as we get it.

We're very excited about what's coming up and hope you'll join us.