21st Birthday Celebrations Report

Our March 6th Sunday Run was chosen as the day to celebrate The Classic Motoring Society's 21st birthday. This report was taken from our April 2016 newsletter

This event had the makings of a fabulous 21st birthday, meticulous planning, fantastic attendance, delicious food, perfect setting, music and heaps of memories. All thanks to Julian and his team. 

104 of us arrived at Mona Vale around 12 noon on 6th March. The majority had toured the highways and byways of Banks Peninsula and Lincoln district, thanks to instructions from G1 and G2. 

One of the many coffee stops en route featured on the agenda of most starters and then we spilled over the allocated car park for our idyllic picnic area at Mona Vale. Not surprisingly there was great diversity of makes, models and ages of vehicle for which the Classic Motoring Society is renowned. We won’t comment on the makes and models of members but 4 of the 15 who attended the first meeting when the Classic Motoring Society of New Zealand Inc was formed were there, Geoff Ridley, Stephanie Royds, Ian Langham and Graeme Sharp. In all over 50% of the membership came, including a strong representation from Nelson, others were loyal members who hadn’t been out in a while and we had many apologies including those of Gill and Mel Peters who had a 21st birthday of their own in the south.

The clothing was equally varied with lots of colour (who spotted the yellow shoes), retro items in the form of earlier Marathon tee shirts, (who saw Max’s classic tee) plus caps etc. Unloading of picnic paraphernalia and gazebos added to the festive atmosphere, corks popped and pre dinner nibbles consumed. There were squeals of delight as members reacquainted themselves with old friends and met new ones while the noise level rose as memories and tall tales were swapped. Some of the latter were prompted by the memorabilia Julian had assembled n the form of old route books and photos. 

Meantime the barbeque smells were wafting through the site and we were treated to a delicious feast of salads, meats and vegetables. Most serving platters were bare by the time we began formal proceedings. 

Barry as MC introduced our musician whose music had matched the mood of the occasion and then he passed over to President Julian. The piece de resistance was a gloriously decorated and very large birthday cake cut by the four founding members present.

Geoff reminded us that the Society had been formed to promote classic car driving and fellowship amongst classic car enthusiasts. He said that the beliefs of those founding members was that classic motoring should be fun for all those taking part, the classic motorist is as important as the classic vehicle and this was epitomised in the 21st birthday event. Geoff asserted it was encouraging to think those original values are still held dear with the Classic Motoring Society and its classic motoring events being operated with a minimum of administration and minimum of formality and maximisation of the fun quotient. He said that looking around the car park certainly vindicated the decision that the definition of "classic vehicle" will be determined by the owner of the vehicle. If the owner considers his/her vehicle to be a classic, this decision will be accepted and respected by all other club members. Cake consumed and the picnic spot dismantled we made our way home in anticipation of participating in the next Classic Motoring Society of New Zealand event.

Ellen McCrae

The completely MASSIVE birthday cake, which not only stretched to feed all of us, was completely yummy as well. Mmmmm, chocolate

More photos from the 21st birthday party are in the gallery